fySales A complete customer and sales management solution with integrated point of sale and e-commerce
The following page provides links to supported software and drivers that may be needed to fully utilize the fySales application.

Client Shell

Custom Webpage Wrapper
Install our custom client wrapper to get a richer user experience. System requirements for the wrapper include .Net 4.0 Framework
  • One Click Print to receipt printer
  • Simplified login (the system will auto complete the domain on the username as specified in the configuration)
  • Multi-Tab capability to allow you to easily multifunction (switch between scheduler and customer orders with ease)
  • Run multiple fySales instances on the same POS station to allow different users to be simultaneously logged in
  • Maximizes usable page space eliminating unnecessary toolbars, etc.
  • Provides a cleaner, more professional user interface

Supported Drivers

Most of the hardware peripherals we recommend are plug-n-play, but you may still have to manually install drivers.

Additional Software

  • LibreOffice Calc Import/Export Products with ease using the user friendly, free CSV editor that allows default import settings on CSV files. Just remember to check the option to "treat quoted identifiers as text" so it doesn't convert your UPCs and Loyalty Card Ids to Exponential notation.
    NOTE: You can use MS Excel to edit the CSV, but if you don't import and change the column types, Excel auto-converts column types and you can lose (UPC) data.

Other Help