fySales A complete customer and sales management solution with integrated point of sale and e-commerce
Meet or Beat price match guarantee
Our product has a minimal entry point at $19.55/mo which allows even the smallest business owners to have access to advanced software. And if you find a competitor with a lower price, we'll beat it - guaranteed!

Save Time
Get more things done in less time
Digitizing your data allows your customer records to be available at your demand. And with all of your customer and sales data in one database, you will be able to quickly find the customer, order, payment or whatever you are looking for - at any time.

Save Money
Cut costs by eliminating redundant systems
Our software combines the common day-to-day functions used by many different kinds of small businesses, such as CRM, Invoicing, Accounting, Reporting, Point of Sale, Inventory, Order Processing, Credit Card Processing, Custom Workflows, etc. Combining these common features into a single, integrated solution reduces the need to dual key data into multiple systems or keep multiple systems running simultaneously. Consolidating systems means less software cost, and less man-hours wasted dual keying data.

Simplified Data Entry
Scan or swipe data instead of manually typing
With the integrated credit card processing available in our solution, you can have unlimited virtual cash registers. There's no reason to keep leasing your outdated credit card machines or pay for the dedicated phone lines they require. Our solution interfaces with any USB credit card swipe or barcode reader that can emulate text.

Access your data anytime, anywhere
With our cloud based POS, you will have unmatched accessibility of your data, allowing access from any web enabled device from anywhere with internet access.

Retain Customers
Keep customers coming back again and again
Having all of your customer and sales related data (including order and product history) in a single database allows for a more complete customer profile and help you better understand your customers needs. With our solution, you will gain the ability to send targeted advertising campaigns to existing customers by customer primary location, customer birthday, and even by previous product purchases.