fySales A complete customer and sales management solution with integrated point of sale and e-commerce
Is fySales right for me?

If you are still using paper, or you are already paying for (or are interested in purchasing) any of the following software packages or services:

  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Inventory Software
  • Point Of Sale Software
  • Order Processing Management Software
  • Credit Card Processing Hardware/Software
  • Dedicated phone line (to support credit card hardware)
  • Computer Server (other hardware)
  • IT Maintenance Costs and IT Personnel

Purchasing these individually can easily exceed several hundred dollars per month and thousands yearly in maintenance fees.

With our system, we integrate all of these features into a single application (and eliminate the need for dedicated hardware/software/IT) to provide a single, low-cost solution that is available anywhere in the world, from any web enabled device.

  • If you have held off buying a POS because it was too expensive...
    fySales is a complete solution (Traditional POS + Inventory, CRM, Order Processing, Marketing) that provides much more value and functionality than the traditional POS systems you've seen before, all at one low cost.
  • If you use Credit Card processing hardware...
    fySales can process credit cards at unlimited "virtual terminals" in each location at no additional cost (without paying for a dedicated phone line). Never have your CC transaction cancelled due to incoming faxes or phone calls again.
  • If your business is mobile, and you want credit card processing "on the go"...
    fySales runs on ANY web enabled device, and is frequently tested on the iPad. Anywhere you find a hotspot (WiFi), you have access to the entire application.
  • If you have an internal processing facility for your orders, and customers call in to check up on the status of the order...
    fySales provides the order/job status to the front end user in real-time, meaning you can answer the customer's question while they are on the phone in seconds - without needing to call the processing facility to get an update.
  • If you've ever thought, "If I could just get a list of my customers who have puchased XXX in the last 6 months, I could send them information on this relating product"...
    fySales provides historic reporting on previous orders and can return lists of customers by all kinds of search criteria, including previous products purchased, customer age, upcoming birthday and other demographic data.
  • If you've ever had a customer ask, "Can you just give me the same product I ordered the last time I was there", but couldn't find what the customer was referring to in less than 15 seconds...
    fySales provides a complete product summary (including number of times, the quantities and the dates the product was first/last purchased) at the click of a button.