fySales Pricing Details
Lite Other Versions
Base Location Cost $20/month $25-$50/month
Per User Cost $3/month $5/month
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  • FYIT has a "Meet or Beat" policy. Meaning, we'll match or beat any competitors price for a similar product.
  • Each person logging into the system will be assigned their own unique user id, used for audit logging and activity tracking. This Id cannot log in to multiple sessions at the same time (one user per id).
  • Your monthly lease payment is simply calculated by the base location cost + per user cost + additional options.
  • The advertised minimum cost of $19.55/mo is for the fySales - Lite version only, requires an approved merchant agreement with one of our preferred merchants and must be paid annually.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. If you wish to lock in our current price for a longer term, you can pay quarterly or annually or contact us for long term leasing options.