fySales A complete customer and sales management solution with integrated point of sale and e-commerce
Frequently Asked Questions
Why fySales? What makes fySales better than any other system?
fySales is not just a POS system, or accounting tools, or a CRM, or a sales management solution. fySales is ALL of these things and more. Even if you may are only interested some of the base features today (like POS, inventory and reporting) - you may want more advanced features tomorrow (like employee commissions, cusomer loyalty programs, discount specials, and more. If you purchase anything but a complete system that offers everything you might possibly want, your hands could be tied in the future when you want to expand the use of technology to help your business.
fySales provides you all of the customer and sales management tools you could possibly need in one reasonably priced package. And it's up to you if and when you implement the a more advanced feature. When you purchase fySales, you wont need complex and expensive conversions to add features, you will just have to "turn that feature on"!
Is my data protected in the cloud? What about credit card data?
Your data would most likely be more secure in the cloud. The smaller the business, the less likely that you are to spend on technology to secure your data. And even large companies are hacked for their data. But companies that provide cloud services spend millions on hi-tech firewalls and other hardware and software solutions to ensure that their servers are as protected as possible. Additionally, the base service from FYIT includes nightly (and hourly) data backups to a second geographical location.
Additionally, the fySales system NEVER stores the customer credit card information in our system. But we still offer "card on file" services using what's called tokenization. This process uses a token returned from our vendor Merchant Warehouse that can only be used by the fySales system. This token does not contain any of the credit card data, and cannot be decrypted.
So, when it comes to credit card data - fySales never sees it - fySales never store it. That makes us an unlikely target for a hacker, because we just don't have what they're looking for... which is profitable data (like credit card info).
In summary, your data is secure, and regularly backed up without any effort from you.
What are some of the cooler (or more unique) things fySales can do?
1. fySales has a modern touch screen interface that takes advantage of todays technologies to provide a very cool UI for cashiers. Users can configure images on the category and products, swipe a finger to browse and more.
2. fySales allows any business to identify profitable customers, and create loyalty programs that offer groups of customers discounts on individual products or categories. Think contractor pricing at a home improvement store, or member pricing for food/drinks at clubs.
3. fySales allows any business to identify profitable products, and use commissions programs to get your employees to push these products. There are commission reports that can be used for accounts payable on a regular basis making this a snap. This is great way to encourage wait staff to push expensive "novelty drinks", or to reward your employees in any industry for exemplory sales.
4. fySales can use integrated workflow processing to automatically insert items into queues and manage many simple flows of data, elimiating paper.
5. fySales tracks every single thing that an employee does by their individual login id. This is very powerful data, providing insights into which employees are most beneficial to the company, as well as providing a trail to help tracking down employees who might be skimming, stealing inventory, etc.
How will fySales save me time/money?
1. By consolidating functionality into a single system, you will save money by not dual-keying data into multiple applications.
2. If you currently pay for or lease Credit Card hardware, that monthly lease payment goes away when you use our virtual credit card terminals.
3. If you manage anything by "paper" or spreadsheets that fySales is replacing (CRM, Inventory, Customer Contact History, Order Processing/Kitting), you will save time/money by having your data digitized and at your fingertips.
4. If you have a traditional Point of Sale station, the cost of maintaining hardware and software licenses (annual upgrades) etc will cost far more than our cloud based POS.
How will my business benefit from fySales?
1. Having your customers' purchase history at your fingertips will allow you to gain a better understanding of your customers needs - and help with customer retention.
2. Once you have you customer purchase history on file, you can start offering things like "Customer Loyalty Programs", all managed by fySales.
3. Having all of your data digitized will give your corporate office real-time access to sales data and reporting.
4. With a single solution that handles all of your needs, it will take less training for new employees to be trained and become productive.
What sets fySales apart from other customer and sales management software?
fySales is also committed to providing you with a better solution for your business needs. All of the features required to run a small to medium sized business are included in all of our versions (even the Lite version) without needing to purchase a bunch of "add-ons" that inflate the true cost to use our software. While we do offer some add-ons for fySales, they are limited to specialized functionality that is not applicable to general business needs.
Why should I switch from my current Point of Sale System to fySales?
1. Our solution effectively manages most day-to-day (if not, all) activities in small to medium size businesses.
2. We have a very competitive pricing model which will save you money. We also have a meet or beat agreement for comparable software.
3. There are no up front fees, just an affordable and predictable monthly lease.
Do you sell point of sale hardware too?
Yes. FYIT is now an authorized reseller for some of the most trusted manufacturers in the business. We can sell you a simple peripheral package (Magnetic strip reder, Barcode reader, Thermal/Receipt printer, cash drawer) or a full POS system.
What about all of my existing Data? Customers/Products/Orders/etc?
fySales has the ability to import Customers and Products from CSV files. However, if you cannot generate CSV files that will import properly, FYIT can provide you an estimate to convert your data from your existing POS/sales database.
How long will it take to set the system up?
Within 24 hours, you can be using our customer oriented point of sale solution. However, it may take a few days longer to get you set up to use our integrated credit card processing.
How long will it take to train my staff?
The front end utility for a sales clerk is quite intuitive and requires very little training. Within minutes - you can train your sales staff to be creating customers and orders. And for the more difficult stuff, we have almost 100 pages of documentation. If that's not enough, we do provide support and training at very reasonable rates.