Why fySales?
Why fySales?
  • Reduced Exposure to Risk
    fySales reduces your risk of sensitive data exposure by never saving the full credit card number or expiration data, but still allowing re-billing using card tokenization, which allows our software to rebill a card by a unique token that only works with our software
  • Save Money
    fySales is less expensive to get up and running, but still has all of the features the more expensive solutions have.
  • fySales will grow with your business needs
    fySales provides you with the features you need, and tons of additional options you can start using or add on later.
  • Latest Technology
    fySales is designed using modern technology, and is Updated Frequently. The web application runs on any web enabled device, and the (optional) touch screen runs on any windows machine with USB peripherals - meaning you can replace the hardware quickly and easily at any tech store. Our solution is a Hybrid, which means it takes advantage of several technologies to provide a simplistic install/setup/use, great performace and care-free maintenenace.